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Judy Barlup Judy BarlupJudy Barlup

Shop this page for Judy Barlup's Japanese Tailoring DVD and manual, Starr Hashiguchi's book on women's tailoring, and Judy's favorite notions.

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Please Note: Judy's www.uniquetechniques.com website remains up even though the on-line store is closed. She invites you to visit it to stay in touch. She'd love to hear from you.

Congratulations Judy on your retirement from a most successful career and your 2011 induction into the American Sewing Guild's Sewing Hall of Fame!

Japanese Tailoring with Judy Barlup


red jacket

Although Judy Barlup is retiring, she continues to teach through her widely acclaimed DVD on Japanese Tailoring making it possible for today's students of tailoring and for future generations to learn Japanese Tailoring directly from the master.

This DVD is an excellent resource for every sewer's library. 2 Hour, 40 minute Instruction Video on 2 DVD's. 30 day money-back guarantee.

Step-by-step instructions for tailoring a jacket or coat using unique techniques adapted from the Japanese ready-to-wear industry. The system combines the fine detailing of traditional tailoring with quick and easy methods of contemporary tailoring to save time and produce quality results. Judy adapted the system for use by professionals and home sewers in constructing men's and women's coats and jackets. Although there are many steps in tailoring a garment, Judy presents the system in a concise and sequential way for maximum comprehension. The intermediate sewer can achieve professional results. The advanced sewer can gain efficiently. All levels can apply these techniques to many other projects.

Price: $49.95

Japanese Tailoring: Manual Accompanies DVD by Judy Barlup   Japanese Tailoring Manual

Follows the step by step instructions found on the DVD with some additional tips. Because it has minimal illustrations, it isn't meant to be used without viewing the DVD. Includes the illustrated booklets Mitered Welt Pocket, Mitered Vent and Front Facing Finish and Piped Lining Accent booklets.

50 pages, Spiral bound

Price: $18

Mitered Welt Pocket   Mitered Welt Pocket
Make easy, foolproof bulk-free perfect welt pockets! Pattern is included for the standard sized welt and slanted welt chest pocket. (The technique is included in the video and the booklet is included in the Japanese Tailoring video manual.)

Price: $5.00

Elegant Bound Buttonhole   Bound Buttonholes
Add a couture finish to any jacket or coat with bound buttonholes. (This information is not included in the video or the manual.)

Price: $5

Double Welt Pocket with Flap   Double Welt Pocket with Flap
Techniques for making the traditional double welt pocket (with or without a flap) that is generally used on men's jackets. This method is unique since it distributes the bulk of the welt evenly by pressing the tiny seam allowances open. Forming the welts after the pocket opening is cut will ensure that they match and meet in the center.

Price: $7.50

Timeless Tailoring by Starr Hashiguchi   Timeless Tailoring book
A 78-page illustrated book by Judy's instructor who learned the Japanese Tailoring method in Japan. The techniques are similar to the ones shown in the video. Additionally, it includes a section on tailoring coats using a modified method of pad stitching and instructions for the double welt pocket.

Price: $29

Chakoners   chalkoner
The serrated wheel in the tip of the Chakoner marker gives a very fine chalk line. The plastic brush is removable, so chalk can be refilled though you won't need to refill them very often. Choose blue, white, red, or yellow.

Price: $13.50


Chakoner Refills   chalkoner refill
Choose blue, white, red, or yellow.

Price: $4


Hand Sewing Needles from Japan   hand sewing needles
Once you have used these fine, sharp, smooth and strong needles, you won't be satisfied with any others. An assortment of sizes come in a convenient plastic container with a magnet for holding needles.

Price: $29

Extra Fine Fusible Tape   fine fusing tape

Extra fine double faced fusible tape holds two layers of fabric together without adding bulk, even on the most delicate fabrics. The paper backing allows you to position the fabric accurately before the final pressing.

Application: Press tape in place. Remove paper backing and finger press the second layer into position. Then press with the iron for a permanent fuse.
Use with steam or dry iron.

  • Transparent, 3/8" wide, 27 yards per roll.
  • Use for basting. Perfect for stitching in
    the ditch (waistbands, bias trim, etc.).
  • Hold zippers in place while stitching.
  • Match prints and plains.
  • Use for hemming.

Price: $11.50

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