Not all pant legs are created equal.


Some are way too skinny.

Some are way too wide.

Some wrinkle below the belly and up around the thighs.

What’s a Woman to Do?

*** Customize the Size ***

Everything you ever wanted to know about slimming the leg on a favorite pants pattern or on a pair of ready-made pants is here in this booklet.

Joyce Simons Murphy is the Slim Leg Pants Guru

Joyce Simons Murphy has proven to be a pants pattern guru. She caught the attention of many Threads magazine readers as she opened our minds to expect the unexpected through her series of articles on pants fitting .

Joyce fit the waist first when normally that was done last. And then she introduced us to the concept of body space and she showed us a new way to custom grade a pants pattern using a layering concept presented in Threads magazine .

Well Joyce is at it again with another invention.

This time it’s the way she slims the pants through the upper thigh without sacrificing crotch length – a tricky proposition for the woman with a round full torso and slender thighs or a full derriere. She has a trick up her sleeve that is sure to surprise you – and she is giving it to you for FREE!!

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(in PDF format) now!

My quest in life was to find the pant that would fit my body. I tried several classes. Nothing worked. Shopping was a joke. Nothing fit. I was told to copy a favorite pair, but where was I to find that pair? And then along came Joyce Murphy’s system for fitting pants. It works!
Karen Bengtson
Everyday Tailor
Longmont, Colorado