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Welcome to JSM Tailoring Tools

We believe that sewing clothes is more than just joining or fastening fabric together with thread. We strive to support people to truly engage in the creation of clothing that evokes a sense of joy, happiness and positive self-expression. This comes from combining your sense of fashion and the understanding of the structure of different fabrics and different garments drape on your body; and then the technique and skill to sew it together. At JSM Tailoring Tools, we strive to offer solutions to your garment problems so we can challenge you to dive further into the creative process of designing and sewing clothes.

Sewing & Design Professionals

Being a Sewing and Design Professional can be a very exciting and fun career choice. After doing it myself for 20 years, I know many of the struggles, and more importantly solutions to help you create a profitable business. Learn from my trials and errors so you can spend more time doing what you love - sewing for your clients! If you are interested in receiving great advice, tools and inspiration for your business, sign up for our Sewing & Design Professionals communication.


There is something so exciting about going to the fabric store and getting all of the ingredients to create a beautiful garment for yourself. There is also great accomplishment when you finish it and it looks fabulous when you put it on. Well, what happens to those sewing projects that don’t turn out so well? JSM Tailoring Tools is here to share with you the knowledge of the pros so you can create well fitted stylish clothes for yourself time and time again!