When was the last time you used tailoring services?

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Finely Sewn
Superbly Fit ________________ Tailoring YOUR Style!

**Because Your Style Matters**

Frustrated with fashion? Are you feeling dowdy in your clothes and don’t know what to do about it? Have you ever shopped all day for clothes and then come home empty-handed? Have you tried sewing clothes for yourself but end up discouraged because your garments don’t turn out as envisioned?

Take heart! There are Tailoring Stylists ready to help you. Tailoring Stylists are today’s dressmakers, tailors and sewing teachers who understand that your style matters. Tailoring Stylists are ready to serve your needs for finely sewn, well-fitted, co-styled, clothing alterations and custom-made items. Working with a Tailoring Stylist can be as uplifting and refreshing as getting your hair styled or having your nails done. When was the last time you used tailoring services? It’s better now! Give it a try!!!

Are you a Tailoring Stylist?

JSM Tailoring Tools is here to serve your needs so that you in turn can better serve the needs of your clients.

For Tailoring Stylist pros (and hobbyists too):

Shop the JSM Tailoring Tools STORE for an alterations pricing system called SNAP Tools 2015™, a system for fitting and styling pants for women called Building the Custom Pants Block (clearance priced), books on menswear tailoring by Stanley Hostek, Judy Barlup’s DVD on Japanese tailoring, pins, needles, chakoners, basting cotton thread and stabilizing tapes from Japan, Vary Form hip curve rulers, French curve rulers, L squares, needlepoint tracing wheels, pattern notchers and waistband stabilizer. Wholesale inquiries are welcome.